Product Spotlight: New InnoMax Mattresses

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At Rattan Wicker & Cane, we never stop assessing our inventory to ensure that we are offering our customers the very best of what’s on the market. From our home furnishings to our mattresses, you will only find products that we personally stand behind. That’s why we wanted to talk to you about one of our favorite items: the new InnoMax mattress products we’re stocking at our furniture store in Venice, FL!

What is InnoMax?

Since 1975, InnoMax has been home to some of America’s very finest sleep products. With over 1,200 amazing products, this company has mastered the art of sleep technology. They offer air beds, pillows and so much more!

We get it—you’ve heard a lot of mattress companies claim that they are the best. What truly sets InnoMax apart and why we at Rattan Wicker and Cane decided to offer these products to our customers.  Let’s take a look.


What a mattress can do for you depends largely on what it’s made of. All InnoMax mattresses are made of the best quality materials, but they are all a little different. Different materials help you achieve different levels of comfort and results. At Rattan Wicker & Cane, we stock four different types of InnoMax mattresses:

  • Memory Gel: This material is especially designed to absorb energy and motion. Memory Gel is temperature responsive, which means it can help keep your body from getting too hot or too cold during the night. Just as important, this material also adjusts to your body, even when you move as you sleep, making sure that you are well-supported all through the night.
  • Digital Air Freedom: If you and your partner have a hard time finding a mattress that you both like, the Digital Air Freedom mattress will make both of you happy. This bed contours to the shape of your body, helping to evenly distribute your weight and alleviate any pressure points. In addition, you can adjust the hardness or softness of the mattress with the simple press of a button, ensuring that you and your partner both sleep peacefully through the night.
  • Upper Flex Medallion: This mattress combines the comfort of the Digital Air Freedom with next-level flexibility. This bed not only allows you to adjust the comfort of the mattress, but it also allows you to adjust your sleep angle, so you can go from lying flat to sitting up at the push of a button. It has excellent health benefits for those who have acid reflux or for those who snore.  And the best part is, unlike similar products, this mattress does away with the gap of separate sleep surfaces!
  • Organic White Night: Other manufacturer’s mattresses often use harmful materials that may affect not only your sleep, but also your overall health. Chemicals and even toxins can be found in many mattress materials. That is not the case with the Organic White Night, however. This mattress is not only 100 percent organic, but it is eco-friendly and can help improve your health.

If you are looking for a quality mattress that will give you a better night’s sleep, than stop in to see our collection of InnoMax mattresses.  The quality is outstanding and the price is better at Rattan Wicker and Cane in Venice, FL

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