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Create an Ambiance of Relaxation in Your Home With Luminara Flameless Candles

September 19, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere can be as simple as setting the mood with Luminara flameless candles. As their patented technological flames flicker and flit like real candle wicks, your guests will be amazed to find out that these candles are powered by remote control and batteries. Whether you’re trying to cultivate a soft, inviting ambiance in your home or out on your deck, Luminara candles can add a soothing touch to any setting. While you might think about stiff, unrealistic tealights when you think of electronic alternatives to candles, Luminara candles hold a candle to, well, real candles. With... View Article

How To Choose the Right Interior Lighting for Your Home

August 21, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Every day we use light to see and interact with our surroundings. Lighting is not only necessary for function but also for aesthetics. Good lighting design can make a space feel warm and inviting or cool and modern. It can set the tone for a room and create an overall atmosphere. Let’s look at the importance of lighting design inside and outside your home. Adds Dimension to a space One of the most important aspects of lighting design is the ability to add dimension to a space. Good lighting can make a room look bigger or smaller, brighter or more subdued.... View Article

Lloyd Flanders’ Product Spotlight

August 9, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This week, we are shining the spotlight on Lloyd Flanders’ product line. Lloyd Flanders is a company that has been in business for over 100 years, and they’re known for their high-quality furniture. Many of their products are made in the USA, and they offer a wide variety of furniture options for outdoor spaces. We love their products, and we know that you will, too. The Company Uses Innovative Materials One of the best things about Lloyd Flanders is that they use innovative materials in their furniture. For example, their wicker furniture is made from a material called Viro fiber.... View Article

The Benefits of Shopping Local for Furniture

July 9, 2022 5:10 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

There are some known pros and cons of buying furniture locally. Homeowners will argue that they may not find the quality of the furniture they need in the local furniture stores. This has been a common issue that has forced many people to consider imported furniture. However, it is essential to indicate that buying locally manufactured furniture could have tremendous benefits. Here are the benefits of buying local furniture. 1. Supporting Local Businesses Usually, local businesses are the backbone of any community. Buying from them will help ensure that they remain in business and expand. Also, it will help create more... View Article

How to Care for Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

July 9, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

One of the best ways to spend your luxury time is having a quiet time or fun moments with family and friends in your backyard. You will need to invest in good outdoor furniture to make these moments more relaxing and worthwhile. Wicker furniture is an excellent outdoor choice due to its elegant, classy look, and long-lasting ability.  Wicker furniture includes any furniture made by interweaving materials such as rattan, willow, bamboo, and even synthetic fibers such as resin. Every piece of patio furniture, including wicker, needs good care to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and to last as long... View Article