Tips for Picking the Right Outdoor Furniture

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Spring is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor living space and start enjoying the warmer weather. Summer barbecues and outdoor parties are right around the corner, and you may be looking into replacing or getting new outdoor furniture for the first time. It can be a pleasure to enjoy the comfort of your home in the backyard and take in the fresh air. Before heading to the outdoor furniture store in Venice, FL, check out these tips for picking the right outdoor furniture:

  • Make a plan: Think about the function and use of your outdoor space. Do you want the furniture to be oriented towards each other, perfect for conversation and mingling, or do you want it to face the deck, pool or garden so you can sit side-by-side with a friend or your partner and enjoy the view together? Thing about what type of seating, tables and arrangement you’ll get the most use out of before visiting an outdoor furniture store in Venice, FL.
  • Consider the elements: When shopping for outdoor furniture, unlike with most indoor furniture, you’ll want to consider the exposure to the elements and what materials will work best in your space and climate. If you’re patio is covered, you may have more protection for your furniture than if it’s uncovered, but you’ll still want to consider that rain, wind and other debris may affect your furniture. Choose materials that are built to withstand the weather, such as metal, wrought iron or the increasingly popular and low-maintenance rattan and wicker.
  • Care and maintenance: You’ll also want to consider the care and maintenance your outdoor furniture will require. Metal, wrought iron, wicker and rattan are popular low-maintenance options for outdoor furniture, and won’t require much upkeep. If you opt for wood, you’ll want to seal and protect it, as it can rot. Wrought iron will also need to be periodically maintained, as it can rust. Wicker and rattan are easy-to-care-for choices that are easy to clean and look great for a long time.
  • Choose quality and comfort: While plastic is a great, sturdy choice for beach furniture, it typically isn’t built to last. Plus, it doesn’t offer the same level of comfort as your indoor furniture. Pieces that you’ll want to look at and use season after season will be a greater investment in the long term and look just as good as your furniture indoors. Metal furniture and wicker and rattan pieces are built for the outdoors and offer the same comfort as your indoor pieces.
  • Consider seasonal uses: Great patio furniture can be used year-round. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, the weather is often nice enough during some point of the day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. And even in the winter, you can add a fire pit for a cozy evening activity. If you’re visiting your outdoor furniture store in Venice, FL, think about how you’ll want your pieces to be used year-round to get the most out of them.

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