Sunbrella Fabrics: A High-Performance Fabric Leader in the Textile Industry

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Sunbrella fabric is everywhere on outdoor furniture, and for good reason: it has a 30-year track record as a versatile, durable and affordable outdoor fabric. With its water- and fade-resistant technology and huge variety of color options, you’ll see Sunbrella fabric at the best furniture stores in Venice, FL on everything from chaise longues to hot tub covers. At Rattan Wicker & Cane, we proudly offer Sunbrella textiles as a beautiful outdoor option, and would love to show you how you can customize your boat or backyard.

Why is Sunbrella so great? Here are our top reasons why you should consider Sunbrella fabric for your outdoor areas. If you’d like to come see the furniture in person, stop by the Rattan Wicker & Cane furniture showroom:

  • Fade resistant: In the Sunshine State, having fade-resistant fabric is a must. Sunbrella fabric is a solution-dyed acrylic fabric, which means it’s dyed all the way through the fabric, not just on the surfaces. This means it can stand up to sun damage, and with proper care, will last for at least 10 years without fading.
  • Water and mold resistant: In a humid—sometimes downright wet—climate, mold is a real concern. Since acrylic is a kind of plastic, it repels water. This makes it harder for mold to grow or water to stain the fabric. Of course, you’ll still need to wipe down your cover or furniture after they get soaked.
  • Easy care: Taking care of your Sunbrella fabric is simple. Just use soap and water and rub the fabric down with a washcloth or rag. For heavier soiling, Sunbrella fabric will stand up to power washing.
  • Eco-friendly: Even though Sunbrella fabric is acrylic, the manufacturers take special care to streamline the process and reduce as much waste as possible. Since it’s so durable, it’s also far less likely to be thrown out within a few years. Finally, the manufacturers have even created a recycling program, so that you can get the best value with a clear conscience.
  • Hundreds of colors and styles: With Sunbrella fabric, you’re not limited to a few boring options. Your outdoor and boat coverings can look every bit as good as your indoor furniture, thanks to Sunbrella’s huge variety of colors, styles and patterns. This kind of versatility makes it easy to create the exact look you want.
  • Comfortable: “How comfortable can durable plastic fabric be?” you might be wondering—and you might be surprised! Sunbrella fabric might be designed to withstand years of sun and water damage, but it’s a flexible fabric that’s made for lounging.

All of these reasons make Sunbrella textiles a great option for anyone looking for style, affordability and durability.

Are you looking to shop at one of the best furniture stores in Venice, FL? Stop by Rattan Wicker & Cane for the highest-quality rattan, wicker and cane furniture that will look great in your backyard or on your boat. We look forward to helping you find the ideal pieces for your needs!

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