Tips for Setting the Right Mood with Outdoor Lighting

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Tips for Setting the Right Mood with Outdoor Lighting

What kind of mood would you like to set for your outdoor living? The right lighting enhances the enjoyment of your outdoor setting.
If you’re not sure how to achieve the look and feel you desire, use the following tips. You might be surprised how easy it is to create ambience with a few perfectly placed outdoor lighting fixtures.

A relaxing oasis

If you want to relax after stressful workdays, the right lighting will do the trick. Look for LED lights that can line your shrubs and other plants on and around your patio or deck. Use styles that go well with your interior décor to create a natural flow from indoors to out. If you have other relaxation features, such as a hot tub or fire pit, be sure to incorporate these into the design of your lighting. Place lanterns along steps or walkways and drape lights on overhead structures to create a soft glow around these areas that encourage relaxation.

A serene ambiance

If serenity is your goal, this can be achieved easily with soft lighting. Avoid bright spotlights and instead choose lights that will gently illuminate pathways and plants. If you have any water features, use light to play with the water for additional charm. Gentle up-lighting can add texture by highlighting trees and other structures. Keep in mind the blue tones of moonlight as you select the shades of your lighting, to accent these hues.

A gardener’s escape

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, the right lighting can showcase your labors. Use lights to draw attention to your favorite flowerbeds or trees. Choose symmetry or organic placement depending on your landscaping style. Use bulb strengths that draw attention to but don’t overpower your plants. Place outdoor furniture strategically to avoid casting shadows on blooms you want to highlight. Gentle up-lighting can also enhance taller plants’ scale and provide intriguing shadows for your outdoor space.

A buyer’s dream

To enhance your curb appeal, use strategic lighting. Whether you want to sell your home or simply make your property shine, the right lighting can create powerful impressions. It can also make small yards or properties appear larger. Keep lighting close to the perimeter of the yard to provide the greatest impact. Use spotlights to highlight attractive architectural features. Add motion-sensor lights to access areas to provide security for additional appeal.

Get more tips

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