Why Brick and Mortar Stores Are Vital to You, the Consumer

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The best furniture showrooms in Venice, FL aren’t online—they’re brick and mortar. Today, it seems like shopping online is taking over, but there are certain decisions that can’t be made by looking at pictures on a screen. Shopping for furniture is one of them. In order to make sure a piece will work in your home, you need to see it, touch it, sit on it (assuming it’s meant for sitting) and otherwise interact with it. You simply can’t do that online, no matter how great technology is.

The problem with online shopping is that expectations and reality often do not match up. When it’s a big item designed to be in your home for decades, don’t risk it. Here are some of our favorite reasons why we maintain a brick and mortar store, and why our customers love coming back for more:

  • See and test the product in person: Of course, this is the top reason to shop at a brick and mortar store: you can actually see the product you’re thinking about in person! Go ahead, lie back on that couch and see if it’s going to work for Netflix binges as well as dinner parties.
  • Get design inspiration: Stepping into a physical store is a sensory experience, and that includes the design vignettes that furniture stores utilize. When you can not only look at a piece, but see how others have styled it, that can spark inspiration for your own home.
  • Ask an expert: A lot of websites have customer service chat boxes and review features, but there’s nothing quite like being able to ask a salesperson who has experience with the product you’re interested in. This also makes it easier to explain your specific needs and get tailored suggestions. Algorithms can try, but the human touch is always superior.
  • Avoid shipping costs: How many times have you clicked “add to cart,” and stopped your checkout process when you found out that the shipping cost was almost as much as the item itself? Avoid excessive shipping costs by getting your furniture in person. Even when it requires a delivery fee, it’s practically guaranteed to be more reasonable than buying online.
  • Easy returns: Similarly, when you get a piece of furniture home and find out that it actually doesn’t work in your space, what are you going to do? If you bought it online, that means figuring out how to pack and ship it back to the seller, which is yet another huge expense.
  • Support your local community: Finally, if you’re interested in keeping independent businesses in your town, nothing helps more than visiting and buying from them. Local businesses often provide additional community support, like sponsoring youth sports teams and engaging in community outreach. Plus, you’ll build relationships with your local shop owners in a way that shopping online could never provide.

Stop by the best furniture showroom in Venice, FL. Rattan Wicker & Cane offers the highest-quality rattan, wicker and cane furniture that will give you years of enjoyment. Come visit us today for the best in customer service and enjoy all the benefits of shopping at a local business.

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