How the Right Furniture Can Help You to Enjoy the Nice Weather

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When you’re updating your outdoor space, it’s important to remember the same design principles you would use indoors. You’ll want to find the right balance of space, furniture and accessories while letting your own personal taste shine. The right outdoor use of space will make it the ideal place for your family and your guests to enjoy both the fabulous weather and each other’s company.

When you’re looking for outdoor furniture ideas in Venice, FL, keep these design tips in mind.

Remember that you’re outdoors, not indoors

While you’re still decorating a space, you don’t need to fill every inch. You’ll want enough furniture for you and your guests to sit and dine comfortably, and perhaps a few accents to show off your style. Always buy weatherproof furniture designed for outdoor use to keep your space protected year-round.

Strike a balance

Too much furniture will make your patio look busy, but too little furniture looks awkward. You need to look at the space as you would any other room in your home to ensure the furniture is cohesive and that the space flows. Take advantage of vertical space and bring your design up with tall plants and hanging lights. Look to your outdoor space and see what gaps may exist, and carefully curate pieces that fit the area. If you aren’t sure how to find a balance, come into our showroom in Venice, FL and get inspired with our collections.

Accessorize and accent

Just like outdoor furniture, outdoor accessories need to be able to withstand the elements so that they will last through the seasons. Accessories such as pillows, lanterns, urns, wind chimes, pottery and light fixtures all give your space personality.

Complement nature with more plants

This is an outdoor space, so naturally you need some plants. Even if your yard is lush with local flora, adding a few strategically-placed plants will help you accessorize your space. If you don’t have much vegetation in your yard, plants will make your outdoor space more pleasant. Flowers will bring sweet smells, while an herb garden offers practicality and beauty.

Updating your outdoor space starts with discovering outdoor furniture ideas in Venice, FL. The right furniture from Rattan Wicker & Cane can transform your outdoor living area into a cozy extension of your home!

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