What Is Drop Shipping, and Why Should I Be Taking Advantage of It?

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In today’s world, the internet makes amazing things possible, even when it comes to delivering outdoor furniture in Venice, FL and throughout the nation. Thanks to the advent of the internet, for example, retailers can provide an exciting service to their customers. It’s called drop shipping, and it just may change the way shopping (and shipping) works.

What is drop shipping?

Essentially, a client can visit a retailer (either in-store or online) and peruse a catalogue of offerings that aren’t actually on the premises. Once the client has found their perfect product, the retailer contacts the vendor and has the item in question shipped to the client’s address.
When a business makes use of drop shipping, it is true that the customer isn’t able to take the piece home with them that same day. That said, whenever purchasing larger items, like furniture, customers are rarely able to bring said piece home with them on the same day anyway. More often than not, a delivery period is required, even if the piece is in a warehouse space in the back of the store.


Another benefit of using drop shipping when it comes to delivering outdoor or indoor furniture in Venice, FL is the savings. Because your retailer doesn’t have to pay the extra charges involved with shipping and holding furniture items, the clients’ costs are reduced in turn. You can also save on taxes if you are shipping out of state.

Curated from thousands

When there is no concern about managing inventory, it allows retailers to search through the inventory of several vendors, each with their own unique offerings. Drop shipping allows retailers to bring you the best of the best, not simply the best of one place.

The Rattan Wicker & Cane difference

So, what does drop shipping mean for our valued customers at Rattan Wicker & Cane? Drop shipping allows us to expand our catalogue and our customer base to nearly endless possibilities. We have spent weeks and months searching for the most stunning furniture pieces in the world, and now our clients can take advantage of our curated collection more easily than ever before.
As long as our customers demand it, we’ll continue delivering outdoor furniture in Venice, FL and to the entirety of the United States. For a unique selection of furniture from vendors you trust, like Classic Rattan, Windward Designs, North Cape and more, visit Rattan Wicker & Cane.

Not in the area? No problem! Our robust online catalogue is sure to have something you’ll love. Visit us online or give us a call today!

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