Now’s the Time to Enjoy the Great Outdoors (with the Right Furniture)

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Summer is here! And even though we are happy to have lots of sunshine for most of the year, summer means more time off. That’s why now is the time to enjoy the outdoors, provided you have the right furniture to do so.

Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to just be for getting exercise and vitamin D, although those are two excellent benefits. You can also take advantage of your lanai and pool area and turn it into a beautiful oasis, especially if you have great outdoor furniture to relax upon in Venice, FL. While a total furniture upgrade isn’t required, an increased need for outdoor time might be just the push you need to transform your space. Why not take advantage of all of your living space this summer?

How to enjoy spending more time outdoors

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine are important to our physical and mental health. Here are some benefits for enjoying the outdoors.

  • Eating outside is a fun change of pace from gathering around the dining room table or at the breakfast bar. Instead, consider an outdoor dining set underneath a umbrella or pergola. You can take the opportunity to grill or barbecue outside, too, which will keep you from heating up the house while cooking.
  • If you’re going to watch your kids run around the yard, you might as well do it from a comfortable spot. Try outdoor chaises and armchairs to stay within their line of sight.
  • If you’re a bookworm, reading outside can be a relaxing experience. There are fewer distractions when you’re in your backyard, and you’ll get all the benefits of sunshine and fresh air while you’re diving into your new favorite novel.
  • Most of us could do with a little (or a lot) less screen time. Try leaving your devices in the house and taking a book, board game or a cocktail outside.
  • With soft candles and comfortable furniture, enjoy the cool evening breezes and take in the night sky.

Whether you’re flying solo, want to see friends or are looking to have a romantic evening in, the right outdoor furniture and lighting can set the tone and make your time as comfortable as possible. Come check out the selection at Rattan Wicker & Cane’s outdoor furniture showroom in Venice, FL today.

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