The Allure of the Small Store

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Heart rate quickens, pulse accelerates and our senses are bombarded when entering a huge furniture showroom. Hot dogs are roasting, balloons are tied on end caps, and loud music pulsates. Aisle afeter aisle of bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture surround you, yet nothing in site resembles the interior of a true home. Where do you start to look, and how can you truly visualize what furniture will look right in your home. You are the next sales person’s “up”, and you are struggling to gather your thoughts, asks a truly relevant question, and remember why you have entered this expansive furniture store in the first place.

Take a deep breath, and let’s re-imagine this scenario. You pull in to a small parking lot with ample spaces, and walk a few steps to the family owned, one of a kind, boutique furniture store. On the front patio, beautiful plants hang from wrought iron trellis work, and lovely chaise lounges enhance the outdoor feeling. Before opening the door, you breathe a sigh of relieg as you read the invitation to “Come In and Browse” graciously posted outside.

Entering the store you hear SONOS music softly playing, that feels as if it’s been handpicked for you. A warm smile is there to greet you, and you are invited to enjoy strolling through the store. Lovely vignettes of softly lit living rooms, warm dining rooms and cozy bedrooms greet you. The warmly painted walls display beautiful artwork, masterfully hung in each vignette. With soft lamps, natural lighting, and so many elements of home, you can begin to imagine yourself in your own home, incorporating and enjoying the lovely furniture that surrounds you.

After having time to take in the groupings on the floor, something piques your interest. An intuitive sales person checks in with you, at just the right time. They don’t overwhelm you with superfluous details, but seem to anticipate just the questions you had regarding fabrics and finishes. When you ask to see fabric selections you are pleased to find that you can check out as many fabrics as you might like, and you are heartily encouraged to do just that, so that you will be most happy with your final results. You feel no rush to make a selectiopn, and no pressure to come to a decision.

You leave the store with fabric and finish samples in a shiny red gift bag, embossed with “Rattan Wicker and Cane”. Even without the shiny red bag, you won’t soon forget your visit to a small, family owned furniture store, nestled in the heart of Venice, Florida. Come visit us at Rattan Wicker and Cane where you will always be greeted with a warm smile and invited to “Come In and Browse”. Ah, the allure of a small store.

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