To Roll or Not to Roll? That’s the Question

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When investing in new furniture, there are so many decisions to make that you might overlook something as seemingly insignificant as whether you’d prefer to have your dining chairs stationary or on casters. “To roll or not to roll?” isn’t necessarily a question you think of until you have furniture that’s inconvenient or irritating to you because it’s too difficult to move. If you’re buying new furniture for your dining room or elsewhere in your home in Venice, FL, here are some indoor furniture tips to consider before you commit.

Consider how you use furniture

Before committing to a certain style of stationary or dining chairs with casters, think about how you will use them. Are you constantly moving chairs around when you entertain at dinner parties or game nights? Are you able to lift and carry dining chairs easily, or could it be helpful to have chairs with casters for ease of movement? What is the floor like beneath your dining area? Is it tiled or carpeted?  Is it difficult to move your chair back when you want to get up from the table after a meal?

You might already have a preference for rolling or stationary furniture. If you decide that rolling furniture is the way to go for your personal situation, there are still some choices to make about what kind of casters you might want.

Furniture casters

If you have a carpeted dining room and have an average size and weight of chair, you probably would like plastic furniture casters. Plastic casters are made to move well on carpet. They have two wheels and are light-duty casters. Another kind of furniture casters are hard rubber wheel casters, which swivel in all directions so they’re easier to move. They’re more durable than plastic wheels. A good indoor furniture tip is that if you don’t want casters to show beneath your furniture, you can attach a skirt to the base on which the casters are mounted to hide them from view.

Invest in the right furniture

If you live in the Venice, FL area and are considering upgrading your indoor furniture, be sure to visit Rattan Wicker & Cane. We have a large selection of dining sets with or without casters.  We also have many different fabrics and finishes to give your home your own personal style and custom look. We’ve been selling high-quality furniture since 1979 and would love to help you choose the right dining ideas for your home. Come see us today!

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