When Should You Replace Your Outdoor Furniture?

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Even though you might hope that your furniture will last you a lifetime, the reality is that everything in your home will eventually need to be replaced. This is especially true for patio furniture that’s constantly exposed to the elements. Read on to determine if it’s time to replace your outdoor furniture in Venice Gardens, FL.

Factors that can determine the lifespan of patio furniture

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of your patio furniture. These include the material it’s made of, its craftsmanship, the climate where it’s being used, how often it’s used and how well it’s cared for and maintained. Any of these factors could mean the difference between your furniture lasting for a few years as opposed to a few decades. Furniture shopping can seem daunting and costly, but think of it like investing: choosing a high-quality product now will pay off in the long run.

Longevity of different materials

You always want to consider how the material of your outdoor furniture will hold up against the wide range of weather conditions that your location experiences throughout the year. Even though natural wicker is classic for patio furniture, its fibers can’t withstand extreme heat or cold, and it can rot if there’s too much moisture. Resin wicker offers the same aesthetics as its natural counterpart, but it’s much more durable against the elements. The type of wood determines the lifespan of wood furniture, with harder woods generally lasting the longest.

Patio furniture is also commonly made out of inorganic materials. Wrought iron can be easily handcrafted into elaborate designs, although it can rust if it’s exposed to moisture. Aluminum is resistant to water damage, and powder-coated aluminum can mimic the look of wrought iron without its vulnerability to water. Plastic can vary greatly in terms of quality, with many cost-effective pieces being more prone to break and higher-end pieces being much more durable.

Signs your outdoor furniture should be replaced

If your furniture creaks when weight is applied or it’s noticeably leaning towards one side, you definitely want to think about replacing it before it could potentially break down while still in use. If your furniture has accumulated rust and mold that can’t be removed, it might be unsafe to use and not salvageable. Last but not least, you might just want to refresh the look of your outdoor space! If your existing outdoor furniture is in good condition, you can always sell or donate it to make room for your new pieces.

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