When Is the Best Time To Buy Art?

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It looks like every day, more people are given the option of working from home, and they are gladly taking it. And when that happens, one of the things you will notice is that your home may need a bit of a facelift. Are you tired of looking at blank walls? Could your walls do with a pop of color? But when is the best time to buy artwork for your home? You can buy artwork anytime you feel your walls are just too plain.

Also, instead of buying artwork from popular brands, it is good to support small businesses and local artists. They are talented as well, and you can be sure you will get quality pieces. In addition, you will be giving back to your community by supporting highly gifted artists. If you are not sure where to start, here are examples of art you can get for your home.

Abstract Art

The abstract has been popular for many years. Unlike usual art, abstract art cannot be understood immediately. However, it is popular because of its ability to stimulate people’s imagination and inspire curiosity.

Pop Art

Pop art uses images from the media, such as comic books, movie stars, news, advertisements and popular culture. It became popular after World War I and uses the idea that one can borrow art from any source.

Modern Art

Modern is very popular and for good reason. It is very captivating and a bit hard to define. This is because it is not exactly defined as an art style but as a period of time, which is from the 1860s to the 1970s.

Contemporary Art

This is art of today or art that has been created during the present time. It is also constantly changing with fresh works entering the market often.

How To Buy Artwork

Figure Out Your Taste and What You Like

Art is subjective. What your friend likes might not be the same thing you like. Besides the styles mentioned above, there are other styles such as cubism, impressionism, surrealism, fantasy art and graffiti art. Decide which style you feel is right for your home.

Go to a Gallery

As mentioned earlier, it is good to support local artists. Visiting a local gallery will ensure you purchase local pieces. Plus, you will find a variety of options, and you can choose what you like. You can also go to an auction, an art fair or online for more options.

Ask Questions

Most of us do not know much about art besides the fact that it is appealing. When you visit a gallery, this is the opportunity to ask questions like who is the artist, what inspired the artwork and whether the artist has other pieces.  

Art can enhance what your home looks like. So, when is a good time to decorate your home? When it comes to art, you can decorate your home anytime. And anytime you are bored with your current artwork, you can always get new pieces.

At Rattan Wicker & Cane, we understand you may want to decorate your home at any time. We supply quality artwork that can add some style, flair and sophistication to your home. We stock different types and styles of art to ensure we cater to a variety of tastes. Give us a call today.

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