Why It Takes So Long To Get Furniture Delivered

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Patience is not exactly one of our best virtues here in the U.S., but even the most patient among us might get pressed these days if you are waiting for furniture delivery. Among other inconveniences since the pandemic, delivery times for big items, such as furniture, are becoming longer and longer. Even big well-established companies like La-Z-Boy are estimating five to nine months for standard delivery. This has customers asking, “Why is my furniture taking so long?”

There are obviously several factors that affect delivery times, and now the delayed delivery times. With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s no wonder customers are antsy for this problem to be resolved, as Memorial Day is historically a big sale date for furniture retailers. So let’s take a look at a few reasons that may help us better understand why does furniture delivery take so long?

Pandemic Supply Chain Gap

During the pandemic, non-essential companies were forced to send employees home and stop the production of many products. You need to understand that companies have supplies in stock of items and products. That supply is always replenished before it is needed. The warehoused stock is used as new supplies come in, creating a steady, smooth flow.

When production stopped for months, there were no new supplies flowing into these warehouses. The stocked-up supplies were quickly used up, with nothing left to fill that pandemic gap. That gap is still affecting the supply chain today and it affects every single type of product in the country because every product is dependent on the production of other products as well.

Suez Canal Blockage

In addition to pandemic supply chain gaps, there was also a critical blockage of the Suez Canal in March which stopped cargo ships from delivering products. Many of the ships involved in this event contained furniture. This has had a direct effect on the furniture supply in the U.S.

Truck Driver Strikes/Shortages

When supplies are effectively delivered from cargo ships, there is also, unfortunately, a lack of truck drivers available to deliver this merchandise to retailers because of widespread trucker strikes. This lack of drivers to deliver merchandise is affecting delivery times all along the supply chain process.

Materials Shortage

You might be asking, “Well, what about American-made furniture?” Even here in the U.S., production of furniture is behind schedule due to foam shortages which are connected to pandemic supply gaps, as well as how the weather has affected chemical plants in Texas which are instrumental in providing necessary chemicals to make the foam used in furniture.

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