What Affects the Cost of Furniture

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When it comes to buying furniture, the cost of it can be a surprise for shoppers. Similar-looking pieces of furniture can vary in price from store to store, and from one location to another. Many factors affect furniture prices, and you should be aware of them to make informed decisions. 

The Factors That Influence the Price of Furniture

Here is a list of things that determine furniture prices:

  • Materials. The quality of fabric and wood affects the cost of your furniture. If materials are expensive, then the overall price of the furniture will be higher. Also, if the materials are rare, unique, and more difficult to obtain, this will also increase the price. 
  • How the furniture is built. A piece of furniture that is durable and sturdy will definitely cost more than one built with lower quality.
  • Design. Furniture with a unique design and such elements as carvings, unusual shapes, and paintwork will most likely be quite expensive. 
  • Labor work. Some portion of labor work is usually added to the price of a piece of furniture. If it is mass production, only a small fraction of labor work will be added. 
  • Mass production. If the furniture is produced in bulk, it is usually cheaper because it is made by machines, and the quality of materials is probably lower. This furniture is usually very generic and does not have any personality. 

Why Is Furniture More Expensive Now?

Do you wonder why have furniture prices gone up? Why do I have to spend much more money on furniture today? The past two years have certainly caused a significant increase in furniture costs, and one of the main reasons is the pandemic. Since people have been at home for over two years, many of them decided to update their furniture, causing a surge in demand. High demand has an impact on the cost of raw materials by making furniture production more expensive. 

Moreover, the increase in demand causes a shortage of materials. Hardwood, for example, is not used only for making furniture — there are many other industries that need wood as well.

There are also shipping costs. Not all materials used for making furniture are available domestically, and some of them need to be shipped overseas, which has a significant impact on the overall costs of furniture. 

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