Ideas That Put a Finishing Touch to Your Interior Design

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Are you wondering how to finish a room with accessories? Maybe you have already paid to have an interior designer come into your home to freshen some things up. Maybe you still feel as if some things are missing. There is no need to feel bad because, often, you may still feel the need to add final little touches that bring your ideas together. You can follow several ideas to help complete your home renovation and make it feel even more personalized and unique.

Ideas To Add a Finishing Touch to Your Interior Design

Here are a few simple design tricks to achieve the personalized touch you are looking for.

Add Repeated Elements Throughout Your Home

Do you really want to know what can catch your eye and make you feel more calm and comfortable? Repetition is the answer. Repeating patterns, shapes, or colors can make everything feel like the whole thing was put together intentionally. You could consider repeating the following:

  • An accent color through artwork, dishes, curtains, pillows, rugs, a backsplash, or shower tile throughout different living spaces
  • Shapes such as round plant pots, round mirrors, round placemats, or circles in artwork
  • Finishes such as the same tile flooring in all bathrooms and repeating the backsplash in your kitchen. Also, use the same tile in your shower base or the same brushed hardware or gold taps throughout your home.

Use Black To Ground Light Spaces

The all-white and light rooms that are popular today are definitely fantastic. However, many of them need a touch of black to prevent the space from looking washed out. You can add black through:

  • Curtain rods
  • Photo frames
  • Tv set and fireplace
  • Accessories such as pillows or plant pots
  • Smaller furniture such as island stools or dining chairs

Add Layered-Texture

If you want to know how to use accessories to decorate your space, consider adding layered textures. Every home needs layers of various textures to make it feel warm and inviting. You can do this through:

  • Area rugs
  • Blinds or curtains
  • Pillows in various patterns and materials can be placed on beds, chairs, and sofas
  • Throws laid over arms of chairs, beds, and sofas
  • Beautiful hand towels in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Different dishes and utility items such as metal, wood, and glossy on open shelving

Pay Attention to Small Details

Even the smallest details can make the biggest difference, making your home feel like it is put together really well. These details may consist of:

  • A dynamite sink faucet
  • A nice looking patterned backsplash
  • Modern lighting
  • Cabinet hardware that is beautifully-designed
  • A touch of bling, such as a glass door handle or tray to gather items on a counter

Add a Touch of Nature

Every space can use a few natural items to make it feel nice. You could try adding things such as:

  • To make your space come alive, you could add green houseplants.
  • Wood in the form of furniture, trays, cutting boards, photo frames, or shelving
  • Natural woven baskets to hold everything from magazines and toilet paper to blankets
  • Shells, rocks, and jars of sand to be used as decorative elements

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