How to Care for Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

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One of the best ways to spend your luxury time is having a quiet time or fun moments with family and friends in your backyard. You will need to invest in good outdoor furniture to make these moments more relaxing and worthwhile. Wicker furniture is an excellent outdoor choice due to its elegant, classy look, and long-lasting ability. 

Wicker furniture includes any furniture made by interweaving materials such as rattan, willow, bamboo, and even synthetic fibers such as resin. Every piece of patio furniture, including wicker, needs good care to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and to last as long as intended. Follow the following care and cleaning tips to maintain the quality of your outdoor wicker furniture, and make it serve you longer.

How to Clean Outdoor Wicker Furniture

The closely woven materials, frames, and accessories may make cleaning your outdoor wicker furniture somewhat intimidating and time-consuming. However, taking the time to clean patio wicker furniture properly extends its life, making it a worthwhile investment choice. Every owner needs to know how to clean their outdoor wicker furniture. 

  • Wash wicker furniture with a simple, gentle liquid soap and water solution. Using strong cleaning chemical products such as bleach will irritate the sensitive wicker material, causing the quality to deteriorate quickly. Use soft brushes to reach the hard to get to spots of the woven furniture. Ensure that the furniture is dry after cleaning by using a fan, dry cloth, or the sun to dry it. 
  • Vacuum the furniture regularly to avoid dust build-up. 
  • Avoid scouring the furniture surfaces, except those made from materials such as aluminum or iron. You may notice deep scratches on these sections of your wicker furniture. In that case, you will need to sand the affected areas only with sandpaper to avoid rust build-up. It would help if you retouched that area with matching paint color to preserve its look and quality.
  • Clean the accessories appropriately, taking note of their materials. Attractive outdoor pillows and cushions accompany most patio wicker furniture. A typical outdoor cushion uses rubber coating to keep the threads intact and waterproof. Avoid pressure cleaning outdoor pillows as extreme pressure causes the covers to wear quickly, resulting in the quick build-up of mildew on the pillows.    

How to Care for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

The following care tips will help you protect and preserve your outdoor wicker furniture from the adverse year-round weather conditions:

  • Wash and dry the furniture regularly using mild cleaning products to prevent mold from accumulating.
  • Check the furniture for any fragments. Outdoor woven furniture attracts debris such as dry leaves and twigs. Check for these frequently whenever the furniture is exposed to such elements.
  • Protect from excess moisture. Fit your outdoor wicker furniture under a roofed portico or gazebo, especially if you live in a humid area. Consider keeping the outdoor furniture indoors when not in use or during extreme humid seasons. 
  • Cover up the furniture. Covering your patio wicker furniture with custom covers will protect it from harsh outdoor elements, making it last longer.
  • Heat treat the furniture. Ensure the wicker furniture is heat-treated before buying it to prevent excessive damage from the sun’s heat.

Proper and regular care and cleaning of your patio wicker furniture will protect it from harsh outdoor conditions, preserving its look and quality. Choose the best quality, comfortable, and elegant patio wicker furniture from trusted and experienced experts like Rattan Wicker and Cane, in Venice, Florida, for the ultimate outdoor experience. 

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