Create an Ambiance of Relaxation in Your Home With Luminara Flameless Candles

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Creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere can be as simple as setting the mood with Luminara flameless candles. As their patented technological flames flicker and flit like real candle wicks, your guests will be amazed to find out that these candles are powered by remote control and batteries. Whether you’re trying to cultivate a soft, inviting ambiance in your home or out on your deck, Luminara candles can add a soothing touch to any setting.

While you might think about stiff, unrealistic tealights when you think of electronic alternatives to candles, Luminara candles hold a candle to, well, real candles. With an illuminated flame that rotates to mimic real candles, waxy finishes, and even details such as wax dripping around the top of the candles, these look like the real deal.

Depending on the setting and occasion, you might want to use different Luminara candles for different situations. As shares, there are plenty of choices for flameless Luminara candles. Pinecone-scented Luminara candles or Luminara Embedded With Birch give off a subtle vanilla scent during the holiday season. For year-round use, unscented pillar candles are the most versatile. When you want to infuse your night on the deck with a warm glow, Outdoor Luminaras might be the best choice.

Besides coming in a range of scents, styles, and sizes, Luminara candles have a simple, convenient way to power them. Luminara candles with remote controls let you set the mood from across the room. This allows you to continue entertaining your guests and enjoying the evening — you won’t have to miss a beat.

How long does a Luminara candle last?

In terms of battery run time, every Luminara candle varies. Some candles, such as the Embedded Red Berries Flameless Candle Pilar, last over 600 hours before running out of battery life. Other candles, such as the set of 4 Ivory Flameless Candle Tea Lights, only last 50 hours on average before they need a change of batteries.

Of course, the run time will vary on how much you use them and the individual candle. Still, you can use the battery run time estimate as a ballpark for how long you can expect your Luminara candle to last on batteries.

If you are using the timer function, a Luminara candle’s flickering light will last for five hours and then switch off for 19 hours. Using the timer can help your Luminara candle’s battery last longer because you’ll avoid accidentally leaving the candle on for hours unattended. 

It’s also easier to predict when you’ll need to change the batteries if you use the timer. For the tea lights, for instance, you’ll know after about 9 cycles that the batteries may need changing soon. Of course, you might need to change the batteries sooner or get away with using them a little longer. Still, it can be a nifty tool to predict how long your Luminara candles will last.


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