How To Maintain Your Outdoor Rattan Furniture in Winter

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Are you wondering how to protect outdoor wicker furniture in winter? Rattan outdoor furniture is a material that is weatherproof and durable. But, with proper care, you can easily extend the life of your rattan furniture. During the winter months, your rattan furniture will require a little extra TLC. Continue reading for some great tips to help your rattan furniture survive this coming winter and beyond. 

Ways To Care for Your Outdoor Rattan Furniture During the Winter

Maintaining outdoor rattan furniture in winter is crucial. But there are several things you can do to extend the longevity of your rattan furniture.

While you can enjoy your outdoor rattan furniture throughout the year, you must take extra precautions during the winter months. Winters aren’t as harsh in Florida, but you still need to protect them from moisture and cooler temperatures.

If you are not planning on using your rattan furniture during the winter months, store it. If you do plan on using them during the winter months, keep them covered while they are not in use. You can do this by purchasing covers specially designed for rattan furniture. You can purchase these covers from various department stores. The good news is that when you are ready to use them again, you can simply remove the covers.

Keep your rattan furniture someplace dry and away from dampness during the winter.

If your rattan furniture is made from a durable wood such as teak, you don’t have to worry about too much maintenance, because it can remain outside throughout the year.

Consider applying a sealant at least once a year to ensure the wood remains in its original color. You can also leave synthetic wicker outside throughout the year as well. But, natural wicker or rattan should be kept away from moisture during the winter, so while you can still use them during this time, be sure to make use of covers to prevent damage.

Protecting the Cushions

Frequent rainstorms don’t really occur throughout the entire season. But this doesn’t mean that you can always predict when it will rain. The best way to protect your cushions can be to monitor the weather. When you know you will be expecting rain, make sure that your furniture is covered, even if this means moving it indoors.

You can keep your cushions protected from the sun by moving them into a shaded area. This will prevent sun damage and fading.

Final Word

Protecting rattan outdoor furniture in winter is crucial and will ensure that your pieces remain durable and sturdy for future seasons. Keep in mind that while keeping your furniture outside is perfectly safe during the winter, and throughout the rest of the year, make sure to use specially designed, weatherproof covers to protect them from various weather elements.

If you have any further questions about maintaining your rattan furniture, reach out to Rattan Wicker & Cane today! 

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