Fabric Choices: Prints, Patterns, and Solids

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Whether you are going into a furniture store to buy outdoor furniture or you find yourself in a furniture showroom to purchase interior furniture, the kind of fabric used in furniture matters. Between the style of the fabric and the utility of it, the materials of a piece of furniture can make or break how it fits into your home and your lifestyle. 

In the article below, we’ll cover choosing different patterns or prints for furniture. We will also discuss how going into a furniture store showroom and consulting with a professional is helpful for choosing the right fabric and look for a piece of furniture.

How to Choose a Pattern for Furniture

When choosing fabrics, many times, it’s good to start with solid fabric in larger pieces of furniture unless you want to make a big statement once you have found one that really reflects your design. Otherwise, adding a print or geometric fabric on an occasional chair or throw pillows can also customize your design. The great news is the selection of fabrics is enormous and varied so you will have many choices.

When you are choosing a pattern for furniture, it also helps to consider where the furniture will probably be used most. If you are using your furniture in a living room where the piece of furniture will enjoy plenty of use, it makes sense to choose a durable fabric in a pattern that is not too busy so you can change the decor to reflect your tastes over time. Additionally, you need to consider different aspects of your lifestyle and how those will affect the wear and tear on the furniture. 

If you are in a stage of life where you are frequently entertaining large amounts of guests with wine and appetizers to boot, you will want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean in a color or pattern that hides stains well. If you have children, you may want to choose a fabric that is easy to clean and a pattern that will be forgiving over time as sticky fingers may find their way onto the piece of furniture often.

When choosing styles of fabric, your options are prints, solids, and patterns. Prints, which are fabrics that have intricate designs, are great if you want to make a bold statement. For a versatile look, solid colors are your best bet. If you want a classic look with a bit of extra "oomph," patterns like plaid can be a happy medium between the others.

Although it can be overwhelming to choose a pattern and fabric for furniture, you are never alone in this process. When you consult professionals in the furniture industry by visiting a furniture showroom, you are sure to walk out of the place with newfound knowledge and peace of mind on the subject. Furniture professionals can help you decide what fabric and pattern choices would work best for your furniture, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

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