Rattan or Fully Upholstered Furniture

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Rattan furniture has emerged as one of the hottest trends in furniture design and manufacturing, and with good reason. That said, fully upholstered furniture also remains quite popular.

Let’s look at both types so folks can make informed decisions when shopping for new furniture at their favorite furniture store.

The Many Benefits of Rattan Furniture

Rattans are climbing palms, and many are fast-growing, strong, and easy to cultivate and harvest. As a result, they’re often great for making furniture. Generally speaking, rattan furniture is light, easy to take care of, and can be made with sustainable materials.

Often, rattan furniture is highly recognizable for its wicker-like look and feel. While rattan and wicker are different, traditional rattan furniture does offer a similar aesthetic to wicker furniture. As a result, it’s frequently favored in outdoor spaces or semi-outdoor spaces, like sunrooms.

Rattan is a type of wood, but it is very light while also still being quite sturdy. With traditional rattan furniture, the wood itself is visible and part of the design. This gives it a great outdoorsy feel and makes it a great choice for folks who like natural aesthetics.

Rattan furniture can be paired with removable cushions. Many cushions are washable and weather resistant, making them perfect for warm climates, like Florida.

Rattan offers benefits compared to traditional furniture. Traditional furniture made with hardwoods, like oak and maple, is relatively heavy, especially when compared to rattan furniture. Further, rattan can be grown and harvested much more quickly than oak or maple. This increases sustainability as less land will be cleared to grow rattan. The plants will be replenished more quickly, reducing the need for land.

Ultimately, rattan furniture is a great choice. Check out a top-notch furniture store and you may find many great rattan pieces. 

Next, let’s compare this furniture type with another popular choice: fully upholstered furniture.

Fully Upholstered Furniture Is Great Too

So far, this article has focused on building materials. A fully upholstered couch, on the other hand, doesn’t refer to building materials so much as style.

A fully upholstered furniture piece, say a chair, is covered top to bottom in a fabric, such as suede or velvet. Upholstered furniture pieces typically share many of the same attributes.

Traditionally, oak, maple, and other slow-growing hardwoods have been favored when making fully upholstered furniture. It’s possible to buy sustainable upholstered furniture, but such pieces are often much more expensive as the woods typically used are harder to sustainably acquire.

Fully upholstered furniture is generally very comfortable. Armrests are typically padded. Sharp corners, which are uncommon with rattan furniture but common with some other furniture types, are often covered and padded, reducing the risk of bumps and bruises.

Rattan furniture, meanwhile, has traditionally not been used to make fully upholstered furniture. Most often, rattan wood has been left exposed. That said, using cushions with rattan furniture has been very popular for quite some time.

The right cushions can make rattan furniture, and other types of furniture, every bit as comfortable as the best fully upholstered furniture. In both cases, shoppers can select from a wide variety of fabrics. This makes both furniture types highly flexible and refurbishable.

Not sure which type of furniture is right for you? Stop by a premier furniture store to speak with experts and compare different pieces.

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