Tips for Using Accent Furniture to Make Any Room POP!

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Once enough time has passed, any room will begin to look like it needs a fresh look. No matter how well it’s designed or how clean you keep it, eventually, well-used rooms in your home will start looking tired. Not to worry! With a little help from our sales team at our furniture store in Venice, FL, you’re just one simple step away from revitalizing any room.

One idea to do is to add an accent piece to your room.

What is accent furniture?

Think of accent furniture as any piece of furniture in your home that’s not completely necessary. Let’s use a typical bedroom as an example. To fill it out, you need a bed and a chest of drawers to store your clothes. With only those two items, though, the room would look bland, perhaps even unfinished.

The side tables you add on either side of your bed or the bench you place at the foot are pieces of accent furniture. In other words, accent furniture is not required for the room, but still adds personality and functionality to the space.

Go bold with color choice

Think about your accent furniture as an opportunity to add a splash of color to the decor. If you’re choosing a new chair for your living room, for example, you don’t need to choose something that matches your existing furniture—you need only select something that complements it.

It’s not a bad idea to take a picture of your current living room furniture, so you don’t have to rely entirely on your memory when you come to our furniture store in Venice, FL.

Table space is never a bad idea

A small table or side table can fit neatly into pretty much any room and carry a whole load of character along with it. Ornate side tables can elevate the feeling of any decor, while simple, modern pieces can fill a space without cluttering the environment.

Not only are tables a fun aesthetic addition to any room, but you’ll never regret having another place to put a drink, plate or even a cherished keepsake.

Don’t overlook the dining room

If you frequently have the opportunity to host family or friends or you’re looking for the moment to start a new tradition, your dining room can be the focal point of any dinner gathering. So why not turn your dining room into an extension of your personality? As a complement to your dining table and chairs, a rattan bar cart is an idea for a fun piece of accent furniture.

Fill your home at Rattan Wicker & Cane

At Rattan Wicker & Cane, we’ve spent four decades earning your trust in our store in Venice, FL, and we work hard to keep earning it every single day. We hope you will come in and discover for yourself.

Whether you’re searching for an entirely new furniture for your living or dining room or you just need the perfect piece of accent furniture, Rattan Wicker & Cane is here to help. Stop by today and peruse our vast assortment of rattan and wicker pieces, art, lamps, upholstered furniture, and some vintage pieces too.

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